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A Madison Environmental and Civil Rights Law Firm

Garvey McNeil & Associates, S.C. is a Madison, Wisconsin- based public interest law firm. Garvey McNeil & Associates was founded in 1992 on the belief that all lawyers have a duty to society that goes beyond their own self-interest. We represent clients in federal and state court litigation, and before government agencies, on a wide range of public interest issues, including: Environment and Safe Energy; Open Government Laws (FOIA); Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties; Political Rights; and Employee Rights.

Our reputation is built on successfully litigating difficult cases against powerful opponents.

  • We represent employees in a variety of matters they may face, such as job loss, discrimination, family and medical leave benefits, or severance agreement negotiations.
  • We shut down dirty coal plants, stopped the construction of polluting plants, and cleaned up other plants that were not complying with the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act.
  • We stopped a toxic mining process that would have contaminated a critical state scenic river. On many occasions, we've forced the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality and other agencies to obey their obligations to protect the air and water.
  • We enforced Constitutional Rights in a class action lawsuit against the Department of Corrections at the Wisconsin "Supermax" prison.
  • We stopped attempts to site factory farms and chemical plants where they would have threatened public health and the environment.
  • We represented a State Senator in a successful defamation case against campaign smear tactics by outside special interest groups.
  • We've fought attempts by state, local and federal governments to hide documents or keep the public from finding out about meeting by enforcing the Freedom of Information Act and state open meetings and records laws.
Garvey McNeil & Associates's unparalleled dedication to public service and individual rights drives every aspect of our work, and is evident in the results we achieve. To speak with one of our attorneys contact our office by phone at 608.256.1003.
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The law firm of Garvey McNeil & Associates, S.C., provides legal representation to clients throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois including Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Oconomowoc, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Superior, Appleton, Dane County, Brown County, Green County, Rock County, Jefferson County, Dodge County, Columbia County, Sauk County, Iowa County, Waukesha County, Washington County, Winnebago County, Galina, Bellevue, Jo Daviess County, Cook County, and Lake County, as well as the states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and the U.S. District Court of D.C.